Planetside 2 trailer looking epic

Planetside 2 Sony Online Entertainment(DC Universe Online, EverQuest, Free Realms)  just released a lengthy trailer for Planetside 2. It's not gameplay footage, but it looks damn epic. Planetside 2 is an MMOFPS game that will be Free To Play when released. Not only am I curious about Planetside 2 thanks to the trailer, I might sign up for the beta and try my luck.

It's a sci-fi shooter and it's all about  huge battles against three factions trying to take control of the planet Auraxis. This game is all about scale - The game is planned to have thousands of players participating in one huge battle all at once. Planetside 2 will have a series of air and land vehicles and six character classes to choose from. So think of it as futuristic Battlefield 3 mixed with a bigger MAG-like scale.

After watching the trailer, I did some research and checked out some gameplay footage of the game. Sony Online Entertainment Online weren't kidding with what they are trying to do with Planetside 2. The scale of the game is crazy big, with surprisingly good details in the graphics. Since the game is all about thousands of players participating in one huge battle, I can only imagine how chaotic this game will be come release. Beta is coming soon, but I wonder how stable the game will be with literally that many players on a map.

I found a video that's 45- minutes of Planetside 2 gameplay with commentary from the developer, if you want to have a better idea of Planetside 2, you should have a look. This was presented during this year's GDC( Game Developers Conference).

GDC 45-minutes gameplay

If 45 minutes is too long, here's a way shorter one to showcase some gameplay.

Again, this game will be Free To Play. Just like other Free To Play online games out now, Planetside 2 will have online stores selling items, but not selling items that make you a stronger player. Equipment items that are unlockable through game progression and visual items to customize your characters looks can be bought.

The game was officially announced on July 7, 2011, so I'm not too sure how long this game has been in development at Sony Online Entertainment.

It definitely caught my eye and I hope to get into the beta to give this massive game a try. You can try your luck for the beta too by signing up at their official website. good luck!