Latest The Last of Us clip introduces us to another survivor

The Last of Us clip During Comin-Con San Diego 2012, Naughty Dog revealed a new clip showing another character in The Last of Us. His name is Bill and he apparently owes Joel a favor. 

Every clip they release makes the wait harder for me. It looks amazing and I'm really curious how responsive Ellie's AI is going to be. We know Naughty Dog can produce high quality games thanks to Uncharted, but the real challenge is if they can pull off creating smart AI. If Ellie and enemies in the game provide real-like unpredictable situations, no standing around being useless AI, that would be perfect.

If you missed first look of The Last of Us gameplay, click the link to check it out.

The Last of Us is an exclusive title to the Playstation 3 and was originally planned for Q4 release this year, but is now pushed back to early 2013.