The Walking Dead Episode 2 gets a release date

Episode 2 Out of nowhere, Telltale has finally given a release date for The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved For Help.  Xbox 360 owners gets first dibs on the second episode while PS3 and PC owners will have to wait until Friday(June 29). If you don't plan on playing it on a 360, I suggest you avoid Youtube or any live streaming sites until then.

I had a blast with the first episode and it a great start for Telltale's five part game series. Episode 1 had quite a lot of heavy decisions that is said to shape your game's story as you go through each episode, so can't wait. Each episode will cost $5, if you still don't own Episode 1 but plan on getting the game, I suggest you opt for the bundle that gives you access to all five episodes when released. it will cost $20 right on the spot but it does save you $5.

Check out the trailer for episode 2 below. SPOILER BELOW!


[Source: IGN]