Skullgirls (Demo Impressions)


I know this is a little late seeing as Skullgirls came out a month ago but seeing as I was finally able to get an internet connection at home earlier this week you could cut a guy some slack.

After watching a few videos of Skullgirls matches on the youtubes, I got instantly hyped for it. Obviously watching is avery different from playing and up until this morning I had not played Skullgirls so I didn't know how the combat mechanics work, I could only guess. I figured that the combo chains are similar to that of Capcom's Versus series where you could chain a basic Low to Med to High attacks but would resemble more like the style of Melty Blood. Looking into a few more matches, I noticed that you can choose to have either 1, 2 or 3 members in a team with each setting having their own benefits and drawbacks. The best comparison you could make about this game is to compare it to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 with it's 2D and since you have to option to have up to 2 assists and tag out. Having fewer characters means less assist options but in turn have more powerful characters.

In the demo there are only 2 characters available for play out of the 8 in the roster. The first is Filia, a school girl who plays host to a demon made of hair. The second is Cerebella, a circus performer whose hat sprouts 2 giant arms. From what I guessed I was right. The combo system does feel very similar to Melty Blood (even the soundeffects sound alike) and supers are performed like in MvC2 wherein you perform 1 motion and hit 2 attack buttons. Dashing can also be performed in the same manner by simply pressing 2 attack buttons.

I only tried out what I think was 2 battles in Arcade mode then dived straight into training mode. The demo is very fun and I can't wait to purchase the full game ($14.99), I'm planning to get a $20 PSN maybe tomorrow. If you like fighting games but is still a bit iffy about Skullgirls then try out the demo. You might just like it.