Weekend, what are you playing?

The Walking Dead Game Last week for April. There will be some big titles to get excited about again next month. To name a few - We got Max Payne 3, Dragon's Dogma, and of course the overly hyped Diablo 3.It's the weekend once again and you know the question we just love to ask - What are you playing?

Quash: Still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic but I hardly play now. I was right - One month is enough for this game. I'm one level away from the max level(level 50) and I'm not excited one bit to ding for the last time. I got 15 days to go and when that's up, my Star Wars career will end. It was fun while it lasted but I have no intention to invest any more time on this game.

Last friday I played something new for once. When The Walking Dead Game Episode 1 hit the PSN store, I bought it right away thanks to the extra money left in my PSN account. it was only $5 bucks for the first episode and it was actually worth every penny. If you're a fan of the comics or the series, you'll appreciate what Telltale is doing with this 5-part series. I'll have a full review of the first episode titled "A new Day" up in a few days but for now lets just say 5 bucks is a steal for this story driven game. The PSN store is also having a sale with The Walking Dead Game - If you buy the season pass now for $20 bucks, you get to own all five episodes when they all get release. It saves you $5. I was thinking about it, but I don't mind buying it one by one since we don't have any ETA at the moment for the next episodes.


let's go crazy! go crazy!

Migoy: I took a day off from work because my cousins were coming over for the weekend. We spent almost two straight days playing video games, watching shows/movies and eating unhealthy food but mostly playing video games. The majority of this whole weekend gaming sessions was spent playing multiplayer games, obviously.

We went through 4 of Capcom's VS games and Street Fighter x Tekken. Those 4 games were (in chronological order) Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and finally Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. UMvC3 got first dibs since its the newest one then we went all the way down to MvSF, then to MvC, then to the PSN version of MvC2. It was nice seeing how the series developed into what it is today. Too bad the PS1 versions of MvSF and MvC didn't let you tag.

After that it was on to two of my favorite PS1 games, Bust A Groove and Bust A Groove 2. I didn't have all the characters unlocked in both games but we made due with the default guys. It wasn't fair to my cousins since I know all of the songs by heart and know when exactly do perform an attack to take away their solos. Moving on it was another fighting game that took the stands, Soul Calibur V. Again it wasn't fair to them since I knew how to do a few basic combos with some characters while forgot everything about what we played of Soul Calibur II back in the day. When in doubt, kick low. Did the intro mission of Mega Man X4 for kicks and died to Cyber Peacock using Zero, played the WWE All Stars demo, had an adrenalin fueled blast with Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. By that time my cousins had to go home.

I had the Sunday all to myself. Played a little bit of the WiiWare version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and a bit more of UMvC3, 1 mission of Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 M.S. Front, the first cup of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, wussed out after just 4mins of Calling, still stuck in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, almost 30mins of Arc Rise Fantasia which by the way has terrible voice acting that's so bad it's not even funny, a few stages of Boom Blox and Boom Blox Bash Party, the first area of Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai, and unlocked Colombo and Hustle Kong in Bust A Groove 2.

For my final entry for this post, this is sort of a technicallity since I played it at 6am Monday morning (04/30/2012). That game was Chrono Cross. Why is it so easy to blow 3 straight hours of play here compared to most games of this generation? I swear, me getting through even just an hour of play time in most modern games feels like an eternity compared to running around Guldove and Termina talking to useless NPCs for kicks.