Weekend, what are you playing?

Diablo 3 Open Beta weekend event I don't know about you guys but I had an awesome week. April has been pretty quiet with the game releases, which is all right since the a few months back there were tons of good games hitting the shelves. I consider April a time to look back and play those games left in the dust. What have you guys been playing?

Quash:Blizzard opened the beta for Diablo 3 to the public this weekend and that was pretty much my gaming weekend right there. The beta is around 30-45 minutes long but have access to all classes and with a cap of level 13.  Which is perfect since all I wanted from the beta was to see the feel of gameplay and decide which character I'll be playing when the gates of hell opens on May 15.

Just like any crazy fan, I played every single class till the end of the beta. It wasn't that hard too, especially after the first run. Naturally after listening to the story, and checking out everything there is in the beta, the second playthrough was much faster since I was skipping the cut scenes to save time. After trying each class, I've decided to play the Demon Hunter when I get the game. The way the Demon Hunter is suits well for how I play and its very easy to keep your distance from enemies and fire away from afar.

The open beta weekend has two purpose which is a win-win for Blizzard and the fans itching to try this game. Not only does it serve as a demo in a sense, Blizzard was able to do a stress test on servers to prepare for the day one release. This is important to avoid issues experience last friday- Beta was inaccessible since servers crashed. Too many players were trying to get in. Imagine that happening on day one? Good thing Blizzard opt to do this event to give them an idea on how to make the launch as smooth as possible.

To sum it up, the beta just answered my question - Will I lose what's left of my social life? Yes. The combat for each class is unique and satisfying. Diablo 3 has a lot of changes, but it still feels like the Diablo game we grew to love when you start clicking like a mad man.

My only dilemma right now is if I should buy the game online or on a retail store? Still not sure if retail stores here in the Philippines will have the game on day one.



Migoy: Didn't really have a big gaming weekend but I did play my fair share of virtual reality. Most of my gaming time went to the handhelds since I was out doing whatever over the weekend. Started a new game in SD Gundam G Generation World because, for some reason, my data got corrupted (FUUU!). The new G Generation games maybe easier compared to older titles but it's still quite the grind.

Now for a feat I don't accomplish a lot, I beat some games this weekend. First up on the list is Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact for the PSP. This game could have been beaten long ago but I had a bit of a snag with my PSPs controls which is why I held off using it for a while, I'll get into that in another post. Just four battles in since my last save and the main story was done, doing so unlocked a few extra missions where I get to use some of the baddies this time around so that should be interesting. Other than that it's just a matter of going through the extra missions and playing it on a higher and lower difficulty to get more bonuses.

Next game is one that had more of an impact than Ultimate Ninja Impact. See what I did there? That game is Bayonetta.  I finally cleared the main story on normal and man does that game get crazy, like interstellar space punch crazy. Loved the characters, loved the action, loved the ending. I tried the prologue stage on hard mode thinking that it would just be the same game with only the goons having more life and doing do damage. Oh boy was I wrong, the game truly steps things up by putting in the later stronger level opponents in the first bloody stage! I got my ass handed too me but had a blast. Bayonetta will be getting more attention from me as I recall that there is a weapon that I missed that I really want to try out, those being the ice skates.

For those who actually follow my list of games that I am currently playing, you will notice something out of place at the end of 4/22/2012. I'll get to that soon. Other than that it's just your standard fare of casuals such as Tetris DS and Super Stardust Portable though I did start that point-and-click mystery game on the DS that caught my interest some time ago, 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. Just passing through the first area took me around 45mins, I even had to bust out a paper and pen during the whole thing. Kicking it old school I guess, I had fun. That's it for now, for a non-big gaming weekend this post sure ended up being a bit lengthy. Until next week.

Oh and I did this little vector of Missile the dog from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

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