This pretty much happens when Dance Central meets Han Solo

Kinect: Star Wars I'm picking up my blaster, put it on my side, I'm jumpin' in my Falcon, Wookiee at my side. Wait what!? Yes, not only do you pretend to be a Jedi in Kinect: Star Wars, you can also show off your moves in their Dance Central-ish dance mode. I'm laughing my ass off at the same time quite disappointed as a Star Wars fan.

Not sure how well it will do in sales but I highly doubt the new Kinect: Star Wars will fly for any core gamers. Casual? Definitely , but I remember Microsoft saying Kinect: Star Wars is one of those titles that would appeal to core gamers. Well, doesn't look like it. Here's the release trailer of Kinect: Star Wars.

Kinect: Star Wars Launch Trailer

On a side note, that Xbox 360 Star Wars edition just looks amazing.