Two recent rumors I'm hoping comes out false

Prey 2 I don't really post much about rumors but these two are pretty big. First up, there is a rumor that Sony is considering to close down Zipper Entertainment(MAG, SOCOM 4). The other, which would be such a waste, is the rumored cancellation of Prey 2.

Zipper Interactive

Let's start with Zipper Entertainment's rumored shutdown thanks to Sony - Reports say that Sony is in the process of laying off staff members and employee's at Zipper. With the number of people being let go, Sony might consider closing down the studio all together. Now Naturally, Sony hasn't given a comment on the rumor.

I loved MAG, Zipper took a bold risk in creating an FPS game that brings 128 players in one area, and it actually turned out to be fun. I saw myself playing the game for a few months with no lag issues. Don't forget that Zipper Entertainment is the team that brought you the SOCOM series which brought a lot of fun memories back in the day. If this does come out true, the studio's last project will be the PS Vita's Unit 13.

 Prey 2 E3 demo

The next is Prey 2's possible cancellation. Now this game wowed me with its E3 trailer and E3 gameplay demo. This was on my must-have list in 2012 and to hear that Bethesda is considering on scrapping the game is such a shame. You play as an alien bounty hunter, and just like past Bethesda games, this one will be a non-linear open world game. It's a big change from the first Prey, but going non-linear is never a bad thing really.  The rumor is that Bethesda Softworks will announce the game's cancellation next week.

The game has been very quiet since it's presence in last year's E3, but hopefully the silence isn't because of the possible cancellation. To make matters worse, Human Head Studios cancelled three conferences recently.

With both rumors, no one is talking yet. We'll update if new word comes out.

Thanks VG247 and 4PlayerPodcast.