Sine Mora Official Trailer

sinamora If you're looking for a downloadable game similar to games like Gradius or Type- R, Sine Mora is the game for you. Metacritics show that this Xbox Live arcade game is doing well with the critics. Of course it will do well, when's was the last time you've seen a game like this? It's good to see that some game developers keep games like this alive.

It's a bit refreshing seeing side scroller shot em ups like these. I remember being so focus playing the Gradius games because those damn bullets are everywhere in the screen. That's why I might buy this game because that Insane Mode reminds me of the good old days. The game is already out on Xbox Live for 1,200 MS points. I've been considering on getting a new Live Arcade and It's a coin toss of either I Am Alive or Sine Mora now.