Mortal Kombat Vita Trailer

We already know that Mortal Kombat will be coming to the PlayStation Vita complete with all the DLC characters and costumes plus new Vita exclusive game modes that take advantage of the systems features such as using the gyroscope to balance or using the touchscreen to input fatalities. However, there is one thing in this trailer that boggles my mind.

To be specific it's the whole changes in the background. Now this could just be a metaphor of you being able to play Mortal Kombat anywhere OR it could also mean that it will have one of the features that I find absolutely astonishing in another Vita fighting game called Reality Fighters. And that would be the ability to use the rear camera to project a video feed that becomes the background arena in the game.

skatepark A simple gimmick that isn't really groundbreaking but is definitely something that can set it apart from the home console version. Frankly, if that feature is included in the game then I am sold on both the game and system. I have yet to confirm if this really is a feature in the game but if it is then sorry Reality Fighters. On another note, if that was actual Vita game graphics shown in the trailer, then it looks even better than the footage that was released earlier.