Mass Effect 3 demo out now on Xbox Live Marketplace, demo will be up for other platforms soon

Mass Effect 3 Today is either Happy Single's Appreciation/Valentines Day, Twisted Metal Day, or Mass Effect 3 demo day! That's right, Mass Effect 3's single player demo is now out first on Xbox Live. PS3 and PC will have the demo in a few hours so patience guys, just a few more hours until we try that sweet tech blade and many more!

Just as Bioware promised, the Mass Effect 3 demo will include two single player missions, then a taste of  multiplayer coop which will be released to all players on February 17. For people with the early multiplayer access(via Battlefield 3, etc), you can go and try it out right now together with the single player. The mulitplayer of Mass Effect 3 is a co-op and the demo will include two maps: Slum and Noveria.

I've been trying to download the demo on my Xbox 360 but I keep getting "Can't download this" error right when  I start it. My guess is millions of fans are trying to download the exact same thing, so I'll try again in a few hours.

The single player demo is said to take around 1-2 hours of your time.

Want more info about the demo? Here's the FAQ.

Don't forget, Mass Effect 3 hits stores on March 9 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.