Yet Another franchise Turned into a First Person Shooter

This is actually old news but I just realized now where the upcoming sci-fi FPS Syndicate is coming from. Syndicate was once a tactical shooter were you command a squad of Syndicate agents through a series of missions. Now Starbreeze Studios is rebooting the franchise and making it an FPS title. What a surprise.

New Syndicate game Reboots can be good but when you completely change a genre of the game, that's a different story. This is the second reboot that was converted into an FPS. The other one was a favorite of mine, XCOM, which is now an FPS title that tries hard to keep the core concept of the game intact. I used to play the old XCOM when I was a kid and when I found out they were doing a remake and is now a First Person Shooter I was furious. I'm sure fans of Syndicate are in the same position. Yes, we know that's what it means when they reboot a franchise but it doesn't mean its always a good move forward. Have a look at the old Syndicate.

Original Syndicate

I'd take the original Syndicate gameplay any day. We don't have that much of this genre nowadays so why change it into a genre that we have too much of? Because that's the demand now I guess. FPS is the genre of this generation. The old gameplay would be hard to sell while an FPS title that blows up stuff mission after mission is a lot easier to do.

Syndicate 2012

I won't lie, the game looks badass. Mind control, explosions,  and gun fights placed in the Syndicate world. It looks like a good game but I bet it could have been just as good or even better as a Tactical Shooter. We have a lot of FPS titles to drown ourselves in anyways, we need more variety. The new Syndicate is out on February 21 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The new Syndicate will feature four player co-op with 9 original missions from the old game.

Some reboots come out as good ideas for some games(Mortal , Tomb raider) but I think the changes for games like XCOM and Syndicate is wrong. Big question, would you rather have the original Syndicate with updated graphics and improved gameplay or prefer the change into an FPS??