Konami's new game Never Dead dated

Never DeadWhile I do enjoy a new title coming out, the concept of Never Dead never really caught my interest. A protagonist Demon Hunter that can never die and the ability to lose/grow limbs? A unique concept with a sense of humor I guess. Never Dead will be out on January 31, 2012, and February 3 for Europe.

In Never Dead, you play as Bryce Boltzmann, an immortal demon hunter who teams up with a private investigator named Arcadia to fight off invading demons. Since Bryce can't really die, doesn't mean there's no game over. Bryce can lose his whole body to the point where he is left with just his head. To recover, you'll have to roll the head to retrieve your lost body parts in order to keep fighting, like your playing a mini katamari game . The head is the most important(obviously) and when consumed or crushed, your done. You can also fail if Arcadia has been killed since she's still mortal.

With the concept of protecting Arcadia part of gameplay, it brings interesting options to keep her alive, like literally using Bryce as a meat shield to keep her safe. But it all boils down if they provide us with a smart AI controlling Arcadia. It's a cool concept to add variety to the game but if the AI is doing dumb stuff leaving you with unnecessary deaths, then it becomes more of a chore babysitting Arcadia.

Bryce will have a series of weapons somewhat similar to Devil May Cry(pistols and a sword) but gameplay is nowhere as fast paced and flashy. It's in 3rd person view and the game I can come up with to compare it with is Shadows of the Damned since it might bring more shootouts than going all hack and slash.

To sum it up - Its such a weird game seriously. Never Dead will be out on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.