Skyrim getting a day one patch

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim out November 11 Most of the world consider this week Call of Duty week. For some(including me), its Skyrim week. Elder Scrolls : Skyrim will be out on friday and expect a day one patch. What is the patch notes for? Bethesda has not released the patch notes. Whatever this patch fixes, I hope we all get a bug free gaming session when we get it on day one. You know how Bethesda is with their games.

News of this day one patch came from a NeoGAF thread where Bethesda community manager Nick Breckon confirmed the update Skyrim will be out on November 11 and I just can't wait. With my PC not strong enough to play the latest games coming out, I'll have to play the console version. Getting the 360 version of the game, why?? because based on the thread, Xbox owners get future DLC's a month early, similar to Fallout: New Vegas. Sad yes, PC should get this treatment. Anyways,While reading about the day one patch, the thread also revealed a current bug for Xbox 360 versions.

installing the game to your HDD currently seems to be bugged. An installed version of the game will have trouble loading the game's high-res textures, whereas running the game from the disc will not. See this post for more information.

Hopefully this get's fix quick. Pretty unusual bug, if you want your textures to load properly, avoid installing the game in your HDD for now. If not, go right ahead.

Skyrim is coming out in the Philippines on time, thanks to Datablitz. When you see pre-order deals, it's a sure-ball release date for us. While I appreciate the increased number of pre-orders coming from them,  getting a Skyrim mug if you pre-order the game isn't enough incentive at all.  Playstation 3 and PC will be the preferred platform here so the number of people getting the 360 version is pretty slim. So I'm not worried that I have no reservation or such. Worse case, I'll just go on a hunt on friday. Anybody getting the latest Elder Scrolls? if so, what platform?

[Source: NeoGAF]