A little late to the party - Migoy finally gets a PS3

KOS-MOS That's right folks. It finally happened. I now own a PS3. Funny thing, I bought it on the day of the PS3's launch that happened 5 years ago. Happy birthday PS3.


Meet Ziggy, yes I just named my PS3. Ziggy is a PS3 Slim with a 320 gigabyte hard drive in it. I got this bad boy at Mr. Dynamic which can be found at the 3rd floor of Greenhills Vira Mall for P13,400 cash price (14.300 credit price). It was a good choice to get the PS3 there as they were kind enough to test the system for me on the spot and update it to the latest firmware from Sony. Net has been janky all week at home so it's good that it got updated right then and there.

ps3 controller


First game I got for Ziggy is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This one I got at Datablitz and they threw in a free poster which is proudly posted on my wall as I haven't had a video game poster, or any poster for that matter, for a long long time.

its a pain


Also got a $20 PSN card because Castlevania: Harmony of Despair was ported to PSN back in September and was something that I've been wanting since Symphony of the Night, a multiplayer 2D Castlevania game.

free poster is free

I wish I had more money to shell out for awesome games that have come out these past few months like Saints Row The Third, Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3, etc. But hey, it's the holiday season, I might get lucky in the free video games department.

Next thing to save up for, an HDTV!