Buy Battlefield 3 and you get early access to Mass Effect 3 demo

Mass Effect 3 screenshot With Battlefield 3 only a couple of days from release, EA is making sure that you won't regret buying Battlefield 3. Need another reason to get Battlefield 3? hows early access to Mass Effect 3's multiplayer demo sound?

The early access will only give you access to the multiplayer portion of the game. They have not given a date for the demo but you will be informed via the in-game ticker in Battlefield 3 when you can access the demo. The news broke out with a video unboxing the limited edition copy of Battlefield 3 revealing the early access notice.

If you don't feel like buying Battlefield 3 for the early access of Mass Effect 3, be patient. Mass Effect's Facebook page and Twitter announced a demo coming January of 2012. The demo will have single player and multiplayer portions of the game.

Not really excited for the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 but since I'm definitely grabbing Battlefield 3 on day one, it's a good plus. I'm more excited of the demo giving access to a portion of the single player campaign.

Mass Effect 3 is coming on Playstation3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 6, 2012.

[Source: Gameinformer]