Monster Hunter 4 revealed for 3DS

Capcom just announced Monster Hunter 4 and it's going to be an exclusive title for the 3DS. Was never really interested in buying a 3DS, but this one is making me think otherwise.

I've been a fan of Monster Hunter in the PSP. In fact, it's the only game in the PSP where I spend X amount of hours grinding to get that perfect weapon or Armour set, and gather with four of my friends to do some co op and challenge ourselves with even harder Monsters to hunt. The trailer is a pretty lengthy teaser of one hunter running for his life but eventually fights an even bigger monster in the end. One feature that caught my eye was the fact that you can jump on the monsters back and start slashing away. This is something the game should have implemented 2 Monster Hunter games ago.

With this being an exclusive title for the 3DS, will the Monster Hunter fans go out now to get their very own 3DS? or just stick to the old games?

[Source: VG247]