Devil May Cry TGS trailer

Mostly everybody isn't too happy with Dante's new look(me included), but regardless of Dante's emo style, the gameplay seems to be intact. Ninja Theory and Capcom shows off Devil May Cry in TGS 2011 and released a new trailer showing that it will still play like the old games.

I'm still skeptical with the changes. At the same time, Capcom isn't developing this title, Ninja Theory(Enslaved: odyssey to the West, Heavenly Sword) is working on it. They knew that the reaction of the new look will be mostly negative, but went with it anyway. With the negative feedback towards the change in Dante's look,  most of the latest trailers released focuses entirely on gameplay footage. In terms of gameplay, it looks great. Gameplay looks and seems similar to the old Devil May Cry games. Is that enough though to keep people interested?