Dead Island release trailer

It's finally September, and we're one week and a day away to the release of Dead Island. I don't know about you guys, but I'm always excited for a zombie game, especially one that has 4-player co-op and RPG elements. Deep Silver launched their release trailer hoping to make Dead Island look epic enough for other people to get interested. Maybe a little blunder on their part?or maybe just lazy to make another version of it, but the NA version of this trailer(the one above) says "Out Now" at the end. The Europe version of the trailer is exactly the same except but it says "Pre-order now" at the end. No biggie, it will eventually be true, just wanted to pointed that out. NA is getting the game first on Sept. 6, while Everybody else will have the game by the 9th.

For the people in the Philippines, aim for the Sept 9 release. There's still a chance we might get it around the NA release but it's a slim chance. As usual, we will know on the said date. I really hope this game is as good as it looks. Still have that feeling that we might get a shock for the worse when we actually get the game, but since the concept is so good, it's worth the risk for me.