Playstation 3 drops prices in the Philippines next week

This year's Gamescom, Sony just announced a price drop of the PS3 to $249. While the price drop took effect right after it was announced for other countries, the cut will take effect next week for the Philippines and the rest of Asia. Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited(SCEH) just released a press release announcing the new prices for the 160GB and 320GB PS3.

The price drop will take effect on August 22, 2011. For the Philippines, a Sony Playstation 3 with 160GB HDD which is currently at a suggested retail price(SRP) of PHP 17,999, will be at an SRP of PHP 15,999. The 320 GB PS3 will also be reduced, with a SRP currently at PHP 18,999, will go down to PHP 16,999. Retail stores actually sell it for less now so we'll see how low it goes when it takes effect next week.

The rest of asia will also get the same treatment. In Hong Kong, a Sony Playstation 3 with 160GB HDD, will have an SRP of HK$2,080, and 320 GB HDD will go down to an SRP of HK$2,230. In Malaysia,  a 160GB HDD  will go down to an SRP of MYR1,029. The 320 GB version will be at MYR1,079. In Singapore, a 160 GB HDD will go down to an SRP of SGD399. a 360 GB HDD will have an SRP of SGD429. In Thailand, a 160 GB HDD will have an SRP of THB12,990, while the 320 GB HDD will have a SRP of THB13,490.

If you thought about getting a PS3, now is a great time. Just wait for August 22, and head over to your favorite retail shops and see how they reacted to the change.