Abridged Diablo 3 update

Diablo 3 may be coming sooner than expected!

"Company President and Co-founder Mike Morhaime said on today's earnings call the team is pushing hard for a release in 2011, however he made it clear they have not committed to a release date." -Jim Reilly, IGN

I recall hearing the same thing about SC2 a while back, so I'm not going to hold my breath for this one. If you're really itching to play D3 though, you might want to keep an eye out for the beta that's coming out by the 3rd quarter.

In other news, the devs of D3 have announced that they're completely doing away with talent points. Instead, they've opted to give players access to all of their spells, but have a limited amount of slots of which to bind them on. They've also stated that the spells you get scale with you as you level, and that they might consider the usage rate to be factored in as well. Don't take this as a limit to your customization; after all, you will still be able to allot your own stat points, and the rune system will be able to modify the effects of all your spells, effectively increasing the number of spells exponentially.

[Source: IGN]