No games to buy? look around an online store...

Weird title I know, but I couldn't think of a better one for this post. This July, not a single disc-based game interested me and my friends, so we decided to split the money for two $20 PSN US prepaid cards to search for some games in the PSN Store that might interest us. Luckily we found a couple that used almost all the money we loaded up in my account.


First thing we looked at is on the PSone classics, and this was instantly our first pick. Priced at $9.99, this RPG was one of my favorite games when i was young. My friends were also fans of Xenogears and we instantly bought the game for us to play through one more time. It's unique combat mechanics of doing button combinations for attacks and doing special moves by doing specific combinations was a treat. Plus they had mechs, and as a kid, those blocky things back then were cool to me. If any gamer that wants to experience a great Japananese RPG that isn't Final Fantasy, this is the one to get. Just started playing and playing it again makes me appreciate how good RPGs were back then.



Moon Diver

Since we got something out of our childhood and the next game needed to be something co-op, we found one that was also made by Squaresoft, but we all know it now as Square-Enix.  This was a random find. I wasn't aware this game existed, my friend just researched on the net because we wanted a 4 player co-op to buy. He found Moon Diver and when we saw gameplay we all went "PERFECT!". Our first initial pick to buy was Dungeon Hunter Alliance and i wasn't 100% game in getting it since it was made my Gameloft, makers of cellphone game ripoffs. It was a dungeon crawler but it didn't seem worth the buy at $15. Thank god my we found Moon Diver because it felt like we would have regret buying Dungeon Hunter Alliance.

Moon Diver is a 2D side scroller that's playable with 4 players. You pick specific characters with different abilities to pick from and can level up fixing the characters stats as you go through the stages. It felt a lot like the old Strider games and with 4 players it was chaotic. We were all jumping around, slashing away, climbing walls, falling off. It was hard to get used to with all of us running around but we got what we wanted. A co-op game that gave us the same satisfaction as what Castle Crashers gave us. We are not done yet but it's definitely something to look at if you want a Co-op to play with your buddies. Fun stuff but after two stages, one friend blurted that he wanted to start watching Jackass 3D minus the 3D, so were not done yet! It's priced at $14.99 in the PSN store and also available in Xblox Live Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points.



Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Downloadable characters - Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath

This has been long overdue. have no idea why i didn't bother getting these characters when they released it. I play Marvel vs Capcom 3 a lot, especially with friends when they come over and when i suggested it we all said "YES! let's get that shit already!". We downloaded each character for $4.99 or  400 Microsoft Points. Decent price considering that you get a completely different characters.  It's really not much of a download since the character is already on the disc and all you need is the unlock code which what you download that takes only seconds.

Since this finished ahead of the rest, we popped mt MvC 3 copies to give these new characters a try. Jill, i still don't have an idea how to play her but Shuma Gorath was trippy and easy to get used to. Whats weird with Shuma Gorath though is that he has charge moves which is very unusual in Marvel vs Capcom. I believe he's the only charge character actually. Jill looks like a great point character for a team. She isn't the Jill from Marvel vs Capcom 2, she's a completely new character coming form Resident Evil 5. That's why she has similar powers as Wesker. Why do Resident Evil have people like Wesker and Jill with powers?? well, that's another topic for another day, but she fits well in the Marvel vs Capcom universe. She's hella fast and has some crazy combos that I'm yet to learn. By the way Capcom, when are you giving us info on new DLC characters??

Jill Valentine



Shuma Gorath



With these buys, our $40 went down to around $4. I currently had $6 left before putting the two $20 cards which makes my remaining money $10.16. Are we happy with our buys?? definitely. We got what we needed and covered almost all the bases. We got an old school game, a PSN/XBLA game and DLC content. We are still looking what else to get with the remaining 10 bucks but so far no luck. Might consider saving it for possible DLC's that might come out, but we'll see what we decide. Any suggestions for the remaining 10 bucks?? and if you guys had around $40 to spend with some friends on either PSN or Xbox Live Marketplace, what would you guys pick?