F.E.A.R 3's multiplayer modes

Anybody still excited for this? well they just released a new trailer giving us a peek on a specific mode in F.E.A.R 3's multiplayer, Soul Survivor. Now that each mode has a trailer explaining the objectives, i think now is a perfect time to gather everything multiplayer has to offer.

Soul Survivor - In Soul Survivor, Alma corrupts a member of the F.E.A.R squad and turns him into a ghost, who has to take down the surviving player.



Contractions - This is a co-op mode, Think Left 4 Dead or COD black Ops zombie. As a F.E.A.R. squad waiting for extraction, four players will have to survive against the enemies unleashed with each contraction Alma has.



Soul King - Players will be ghosts in this game mode, they will have to posses enemies and steal souls earned by the other players. Reminds me of Halo Reach's skull collecting game mode



F**cking Run - This has to be the best. Not only does it look fun since your always on the move, but because the name is just epic. F**cking run!!



I've lost faith in F.E.A.R's single player since the second game was a fail in my eyes. With a new developer,Day 1 Studios, running the shots now, you never know, it might turn out to be a good game. Multiplayer seems fun, but We'll just have to wait and see.

It was meant to be released on May but pushed back to June, now the game will be released on June 21 for Playstation 3, PC, and Xbox 360.