E3 2011: Nintendo talks 3DS [Update: Sizzle Reel]

Nintendo's new handheld stole the show at last year's E3 but wanning sales and a weak launch line-up hindered it's take off. However, Nintendo comes back with 5 major first party titles that will surely bring glasses free 3D into the pockets of people out there.

Mario Kart for the 3DS was the first to be shown. Mario Kart hasn't really evolved much from it's Wii predecessor but hopefully the new features shown will change the game up a bit. Karts will have segments where handgliders will pop out from behind and over the the vehicle, letting you glide across certain areas and chasms on the course. Some courses will have underwater segments which looks good visually but as to how this will affect gameplay looks almost none existent. Finally the feature looks to be even the slightest bit interesting (though not very much) is the Kart customization. With the option to change the body, rims and wheel size, this is the closest we can get to making Mario Kart a little more personal.

Star Fox 3D was also shown and they opened up with showing the two methods of controlling you Arwing. Either using the tilt controls of the classic way using the buttons. I'm not a fan of tilt controls, especially on a portable device, so I was not impressed. Star Fox 3D will have multiplayer dogfights and you'll be able to see the faces of your opponents via the front facing cameras which is cool I guess.

Mario will be getting a real 3D platforming game on a portable device. Super Mario (with the Tanuki tail on the O in Mario) for the 3DS is done from the ground up and made specifically for the 3DS. The game looks really good and we finally the return of the Tanuki suit.

Kid Icarus Uprising. This is the game that got me excited for the 3DS in the first place during last year's E3. Part 3rd person action and part on rails shooter ala Sin & Punishment. The game boasts impressive graphics for a portable title and it looks like the type of game that'll keep me interested, both in story and gameplay. Uprising will also have 3 on 3 action style multiplayer with the ability to battle with a slew of different weapons. There will also be a set of AR cards of Kid Icarus Uprising characters for your 3DS and they can actually battle each other which looks interesting.

Another gem of a Nintendo game that I got excited in seeing is Luigi's Mansion 2. The brother of the famous plumber is back and he brought his vacuum. It's about freaking time, Weegee gets no love. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime mentions that it's a true sequel, not a remake, and this time it's not just that one mansion but several.

Now on to the 3rd party 3DS games. Nintendo showed a video montage of upcomign 3rd party games for it's glasses free handheld console.

Here's what I was able to pickup:

Resident Evil Mercenarios 3D Mario Sonic Olympic London Ace combat 3D Tetris Online Cave Story 3D Resident Evil Revelations Driver Renegade Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions Tekken Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzPpFUNoJVY&w=560&h=349]