E3 2011: Final Fantasy 13-2 stage demo

Final Fantasy 13-2 made an appearance at this year's E3 giving us an in-game trailer plus a stage demo for people to try  out and for us to see. So far, the gameplay is just like 13, the whole paradigm shifts. Whats new though in the game is the Quick time events during battle and monsters as a third party member? Sorry, not liking whats new for this sequel but maybe you guys will so go check it out.


Another good change is that there will be towns now to explore and the map won't look like a pipeline heading to one direction. They finally addressed this issue but there is still so much more we need to know about this sequel. Last time they released a sequel, it was for Final Fantasy X and that was just plain horrible. Final Fantasy X was one of the best for me in the series and it's sequel just ruined it. Hopefully this won't happen again and will actually turn out to be a better game than 13.

The demo shows a new playable character Noel along with Serah, Lightning's younger sister who now fights and wields a moogle that transforms. Where are the old crew? they say they will return for this game but no news yet on who will be playable and how big their role will be.  So far, only Lightning is confirmed playable for 13-2.


I'm still bothered by the fact that your third party member will be a series of creatures you've collected in the game. Why couldn't they just add one extra character into the mix? we'll see how this game plays out in the end but so far I'm not interested. It has no official release date but is aiming for an early 2012 release.

How does the game look for you guys? still hyped for this title?