Weekend, what are you playing?

We are half way though May, new game releases are afoot but I'm sure most of you have a game or two to beat. So what are you playing?

Migoy: My Duodecim save got corrupted. My cousins were playing multiplayer and one of em had my PSP, the battery died right after a fight (where the game auto saves) so fuck it, gonna fully import my old Dissidia game keeping my old characters at maxed out at level 100. Aside from Dissidia Duodecim despair I feel a strong urge to play Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP) from square one. Also I've got an eye on another SquareEnix Game, Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection. Lotsa RPGs on my list. Gonna be a long day.

Quash: This weekend is still Mass Effect 2 for me. Working on my save file in my PS3 so that I can use that save for Mass Effect 3. In the main story I'm suppose to get the IFF but I'm focusing on all possible loyalty missions at this point and side quests before continuing. My goal is no one dead on the Suicide Mission, Max Paragon and mostly all important side quests done.  Oh! i also played some Diablo 2 co-op with a friend last friday. Currently on Act 2 with a level 18 Sorceress. This has to be my 4th Sorceress in that game, favorite class? yep. I've already decided to be a Wizard for Diablo 3.

Arlie: I've been exploring the Province of Cyrodiil this weekend. Yes, I'm playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for PC using my Female Nord Knight named "Arya Stark" (from Game of Thrones). I already finished the faction quests for the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild, Knights of the Nine and I am already halfway on the Dark Brotherhood quests (I already have my loyal steed, Shadowmere). As some of you might know, I've been streaming my TES IV: Oblivion gaming session live on our JTV channel. You can watch my previous game sessions archived there so please feel free to visit anytime, you might catch me or anyone of us play live and chat with us while we do fucked up shit like the video shown below.


I also played Brink, but I haven't tried multiplayer yet and the AI is just plain suck (could literally go around an AI enemy, clueless mofos). I already finished the Resistance campaign and already started with Security campaign. Overall, I like the game (it reminded me of Team Fortress 2) with better gameplay (PARKOUR BABYYYY!) and I might enjoy playing it online. You can also watch my Brink gaming sessions on our JTV channel.