Weekend, what are you all playing?

The weekend graces us once more. Time for excessive and uninterrupted grinding, multiplayer fun (online and local), training mode for all you fighters out there. Tell us, what are you playing?

Migoy: Been kind of a slow week for me when it comes to video games but I have indulged myself into some more Dissidia 012 Duodecime: Final Fantasy. Beat  the stories of Tidus and Zidane. Grinded a bit doing some party battles and started Bartz's story. Though the game is for the most part very similar to the first Dissidia, if you've played the first game as much as I have, the differences and tweaks in the new game are enough for you to notice them and change the way you play. It's a great game and encourage you all to try it, especially if you are a Final Fantasy fan. Cross-over stories are mostly bollocks but c'mon, who doesn't want to see Cloud face off against Squall?


Finally reached level 30 in DC Universe Online. now the grinding begins getting the best gear possible to be able to join raids and certain alerts. This is where i find out if DC Universe Online is worth the buy. Leveling was actually a blast since mostly everything is voiced and you get to fight alongside your favorite Heroes/Villains. But the real test for any MMO is if the end-game is worth the $15 dollar monthly subscription. So far i did a few duos( an instance that requires only two players) so i can't say for sure yet if end-game content is good. I still have a few weeks left in my free month so we'll see.