Splinter Cell in 3D

Ever imagined what its like to see Sam Fisher in 3D? Wonder no more for Ubisoft just made that possible with Splinter Cell 3D a game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was released on March 2011 and would be a remake of Chaos Theory, one of the best stealth games there is. So now you ask your self, would this be like Splinter Cell Essential? I certainly hope not, cause Splinter Cell Essentials was a disaster. Game reviewers everywhere trashed the game so even if I were a fan of Splinter Cell I did not touch the game for fear of it ruining my image of the game. I just hope that the game will be much better than the previous hand held title.

For the people who, like me, have no Nintendo 3DS yet. Here is the game play of Splinter Cell 3D.