Popcap launches a new studio

Now we all know and love Popcap Games for their titles such a Peggle and Plants vs Zombies as perfect time killers. They're great games but are nothing like caliber of console or even handheld games that we really sink out teeth into. Now they're trying something different by putting up a new mini-studio called 4th & Battery whose main focus is to create games involving unique ideas that have been shot down and might not have gotten the same buzz as the games I just mentioned.

Popcap’s Ed Allard says

Making games at PopCap is crazy and chaotic. We’re constantly prototyping wacky ideas in search of the next great thing, but very few of those ideas make it through our intense internal filters to become full-blown PopCap titles. That means there are lots of fledgling games hiding within our walls that never see the light of day,” he added. “Enter 4th & Battery. 4th & Battery is a new label we’re using to bring some of our more experimental ideas to customers. It’s a way to lift some of our internal filters and let us stretch our creative legs a little.

As to whether or not these "wacky ideas" need to see the light has yet to be seen but with Popcap's recent brilliance I think its a safe bet. For now, all they can grace us with is a teater for one of the new games by the new studio. No gameplay is shown but the theme it depicts isn't as cutesy as its art style and gives a more.. demented feeling.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV-102ezYdM&w=640&h=390]