Nintendo eShop

The eShop will be the 3DS's form of Nintendo Wiishop and Nintendo claims that it will be easier to navigate and shop over the headache inducing Wiishop channel. Sporting a smoother interface, the eShop will feature digital game downloads, game demos, and game videos.

At launch, 3DS owners will be able to choose between Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and 3DSWare games. In addition to games, Nintendo will include eShop Video. The user can select the desired topic or genre and be directed to a video. Players will be able to watch game videos in-store.

Nintendo eShop purchases use a "cash-based" system, similar to Sony's PlayStation Store, apparently doing away with the current Wii/DSi points-based system. You can purchase content with a credit card or by inputting a code from a retail-purchased card.