Earth Defense Force 2 Portable

Earth Defense Force 2017 may not be the best looking Xbox 360 game but its sheer insanity and over the top action makes lovable and hard to hate. Giant insects and aliens going about terrorizing a city while you gun them down, destroying any sign post, foot bridge, or building that gets in your way.

With its sequel, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year. I was surprised to see Earth Defense FOrce 2 Portable, a port of its original PS2 form, out on the PSP in Japan earlier this month. I couldn't picture the intensity of the game being fit into a small package but after playing a few missions, I can say that a lot of "WTF OMG HOLY $#!7!" moments are present in its portable version.

Obviously the amount of monsters present at one time has been reduced but the number of giant ants on screen can still be overwhemlming. You do not have any CPU allies though and are forced to face the invasion alone. The game offers ad hoc support and I've tried it with a friend, its hilariously fun.

D3 has released the game as a two-pack in Japan costing only ¥6,279 ($76). Alone the game costs¥5,040 ($61) Definitely better than buying two copies of the same game separately and with the popularity of Monster Hunter over there, I'm sure anybody who's anybody has a PSP.