Battlefield Play4Free now on Open Beta

EA's Battlefield Play4Free just hit beta and anybody can join the fray. All you got to do is sign up an EA account, download the client and you should be all set. Think Battlefield Play4Free a more serious version of Battlefield Heroes.

Just like any battlefield game there are four classes to pick from; Assault, Recon, Medic, Engineer and start with the default equipment. As you level up you have access to more but if you want to have access to better equipment you'll have to pay up.

Not sure why EA decided on releasing another free Battlefield game. We already have Battlefield Heroes, why overshadow the old one? My guess is, their hyping up Battlefield 3 with this.

It's on Open Beta so the game isn't final. Changes will be made and extra content will be implemented in the future.

Click on the link below to head over the official website to start working on your K/D ratio.