Dragon age II demo coming feb 22

The dragon age II website announced that there will be a demo for Dragon Age II. Thank god they decided to release a demo because a lot of people have doubts and issues on the changes made for the sequel. People saying it being less of an Baldur's Gate RPG game, more of a fast paced action with mashing buttons and it being in-tuned on how Mass Effect was developed. It being more like Mass Effect in terms of conversation I think is a step forward and i can't believe people were complaining about this. Don't you want a voice with your character?

Well with this demo, we can now all see for ourselves and all those doubts and speculation will go away. And honestly will be replaced with what we love or hate about the game. Regardless, We get to go hands-with this game to finally decide if the game is for us and if its worth the reservation or buying the collectors ed. Aside from the demo, Bioware is adding something special with the demo. They are calling for a Call to arms, asking you all to support the Dragon Age 2 demo reach 1 million downloads. If this is done, bioware will unlock 2 items for the community..........wow. Not much incentive if you ask me. Regardless of the items, i think we all want this demo.

Again for people who didin't get the memo up top, Dragon Age 2 demo coming to PSN Xbox live and PC on feb 22.

Dragon age II will be released on March 8, 2011 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.