Demon's Souls' "Sequel"/Spiritual Successor Revealed

An action RPG that blew our mind back in 2009 is officially getting a sequel. From Software, the developers of Demon's Soul first named it project dark but has retitled it as Dark Souls.

The game will retain everything that was Demon Soul's but with a bigger world to experience. instead of the first game's one portal area were u have access to all the game stages, there will be a world map to explore. The story will have no connection to the first and character customization is going deeper in the sequel.

Character classes though in the first game has been taken out as the devs mentioned they want your characters to start with nothing so you have more freedom to create your character in whatever play-style you prefer. The famous co-op feature were you can invade people's world to either help or mess them up, the ability to leave messages to warn players of danger ahead and being able to see how a player has died in that certain stage. All of this will return and will be adding a few improvements to the online feature but no details on how it will be improved.

Dark Soul's is currently in the works but it looks like it won't be a PS3 exclusive anymore. They are aiming for a worldwide release on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 at the end of the year. Namco bandai has mentioned that not only will they be taking care of the publishing for Dark Soul's on the US and UK release, they will also make Dark Soul's a PS3 exclusive in japan only. Why PS3 exclusive only in Japan? we have no idea. japan loves doing that for some reason.

Namco has also graced us with a trailer showing gameplay footage.

[Source: 4 Player Podcast, 1up]