Bulletstorm is all about being a badass...

Bulletstorm didn't have a big impact for me when i first saw it but as we get closer to the release date of Epic Games fresh new First Person Shooter, i grew curious. The only thing that caught my eye when i first heard about it in E3 2010 is that Cliff bleszinski(Gears of War Franchise, Unreal Franchise)was working on Bulletstorm. I thought, "cool another FPS Title", then forgot about it the whole year. Now where at 2011 and i've been seeing developer diary's of the game and it seems worth checking out.

Bulletstorm is all about how much of a Badass you can be in this game. This isn't your typical First Person Shooter we see nowadays, actually i get the Doom vibe which i miss a lot. It seems to be all about having fun with your enemies.

they want you to get creative on how you kill your enemies, and they reward you for it with their skill shot system they have going. Their weapons look pretty awesome that gives you hilarious ways to kill people. The more unique kills you do in this game, the better the points, and that sounds fun to me.

It feels like its bringing something fresh for the First Person Shooter genre with all the Call of Duty Medal of Honor games we see all around but i guess its too early to tell how well this game will do. I completely disregarded this game back in 2010 but i'm definitely eager to try it out for myself. I honestly want to try out new IP games cause we have too many sequels nowadays. New is good and its always welcome. Bulletstorm is going for the over the top Badass Game with their Brutality, foul language and etc so we'll see how well it does for them when released.

There's a demo coming up on Xbox Live on Jan 25 and on Playstation Network on Jan 26 and Can't wait for that. If your a First Person Shooter kind of guy, give this game a try and you might like what you see. Oh and by the way, this game has a four barrel shotgun. FOUR! Can't wait to shoot that shit on point blank.

Bulletstorm will be released on February 22, 2011 on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Bulletstorm Trailer [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjNEKnifT5M&feature=player_embedded]

Bulletstorm Developement Diary: Weapons Echoes and Anarchy Mode