TMG Mega Man X4 Complete Playthough

mmx4 x LP Mega Man x4 was one of my favorite games during the original PlayStation era and is also one of my favorites from the X series. The first game with gorgeous 32-bit sprites and the first game where you can use really use Zero (I know Zero was usable in X3 but only for the stages and not against the boss).

Given the currently availability of video capture devices and with things like emulation and screen capture, there are many ways to capture gameplay footage. So this was a perfect chance for me to share my love for Mega Man X4 and share my fond memories with this game. Here are my runs with both X and Zero in all modes having collected everything in the game and showing off the boss weaknesses and some of their patterns. Everything is complete except for the black Zero run (vs Slash Beast) because it was one of those times where I thought I was recording and I wasn't and already saved over my file.

The Ultimate Armor X and Black Armor Zero runs have no commentary while the regular runs of both characters have commentary. If you like the Megaman series and haven't played X4, I highly suggest you do so.

Below is a playlist of each run. Click on the title to go to the playlist.

Force Armor X

Red Zero

Ultimate Armor X

Black Armor Zero