Evolve delayed to February 2015

Evolve-11 Take Two Entertainment just announced that Evolve, the new multiplayer shooter from Turtle Rock Studios(Left4Dead creator) will be pushed back to next year February. It was originally planned for an October release but hey, more time for development is never a bad thing. 

Why the sudden delay? A 2K representative gave a statement to Polygon on why the four versus one multiplayer releasing next year:

"As stated on the Take-Two Interactive earnings call, 2K and Turtle Rock Studios are extending the development of Evolve by a few months to allow enough time to fully realize the vision for Evolve and meet our collective standards of creative excellence. We are encouraged by the press reaction and fan excitement coming out of a very successful E3, and we are now certain we are headed in the right direction with the game and we are confident in delivering a genre-defining product when Evolve launches on February 10, 2015."

Evolve is an online multiplayer shooter that pins four players as hunters going against one monster controlled by another player. The game will be available on PS4. Xbox One, and PC.

It was looking to be a very heavy October in the last few weeks, but these amount of delays are turning out to be a good sign since highly anticipated titles are being spread out through the coming months. Evolve is a new franchise after all, so it releasing on a less crowded month is more beneficial for Turtle Rock Studios.