Humble Bundle releasing a new bundle everyday for 14 days

Humble Daily We all know how crazy Humble Bundle is right? The game bundle that allows you to choose how much you would pay for the bundle, all the way down to a measly $1? Well, they are going all out for the rest of May. Ready your wallets, because Humble Bundle will be offering a new bundle everyday for 14 days. Can you resist the urge? 

Humble Daily2

We thought their Spring Sale was an amazing sale for the Summer, but they really want your money. This bundle is of course for the developers and it? The first bundle in the Humble Daily Bundle is a re-bundle of Deep Siver's Games. You know, Dead Island, Saint's Row? Those games. If your on the cheap side, you can get 4 games for as low as $1, go a little higher like $6 will add five more games to the bundle, pay more than $9 and you get Dead Island and everything else below. Great stuff. Again, it's for charity, so think about that as we pile up our already crowded backlog.

Check the Humble Daily Bundle here. And if none of the games listed interest you, check back tomorrow or the day before that for a new bundle. Heck, check their Spring Sale at the Humble Store, you might find that game you've always wanted at a discount.