Darksiders Lives! New publisher says series isn't dead

Darksiders-2-angel-armour-2 Praise the sun!  The publisher who picked up the Darksiders franchise from the THQ auction sale has confirmed that the series isn't dead! There's nothing to show, but it's good to know that we'll be seeing a Darksiders 3 in the future.

In a Facebook post from former series Creative Director Joe Madureira, he answers a series of question and confirms that the Darksider franchise lives on.

Nordic Games(New owners of the franchise) later gave a statement regarding the future of Darksiders to RPS:

“With regards to Darksiders 3: of course we’ve always been busy in the background, talking to a lot of former team members about a continuation of the series, but we are not ready to announce anything officially. Joe Madureira is spot on in saying that DS is not dead and we are committed, though.”

“Before we can say something about the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of publishing/financing the sequel is concerned, we are still busy in properly figuring out the ‘who’ part of this large-scale project. All I can say is that we can and will not settle for second-best solutions in the case of Darksiders.”

Great news considering the Darksiders franchise was in a "wait and see" position for months after it was acquired by Nordic Games.

Last year, THQ declared bankruptcy and had to auction off all their properties to the highest bidder. Darksiders was among the franchises for sale but was not picked up on the first auction event. It was during the second auction sale that Darksiders got a bid from a company, making Nordic Games it's new home.

Since the acquisition, this is the first big news to come out regarding the future of Darksiders.