Dragon War Thor Gaming Mouse

SONY DSC We here at TMG have tried a few Dragon War products and for the most part have had good experiences with them. I saw the Dragon War Thor Gaming Mouse and thought that design wise it looked pretty neat, came with a mouse pad, and had a very reasonable price.

My previous mouse was just a simple A4Tech optical mouse. It still works fine but I didn't have a mouse for my laptop and using the touchpad is kind of a pain in the ass. So after getting the Dragon War Thor mouse, I gave the old A4Tech mouse to my laptop and the desktop got the new one. Glad to say that the Dragon War Thor mouse works pretty damn well. It's more sensitive and much more responsive than any other mouse that I've used before.


I believe the mouse was priced at 795php which is around $17-$18. Definitely not a bad price. The mouse cycles through 6 different colors and can be set to have either a breathing light or a rapidly blinking light. You can also set the light to glow in one of the six colors that you can choose from if you don't like the Christmas-y light show.


The buttons are pretty simple, aside from your usual left, right and middle clicks and your mouse wheel, there are two programmable buttons on the left side of the mouse near where your thumb would be and a rapid fire left click button which is the green button near the left click. There is also a button that lets your cycle through 4 DPI settings. The wire is threaded like a shoe lace so no worries about it getting tangled. The USB is also gold plated for maximum contact and extra points for being fancy.


Dragon War packaging has also been pretty good for all their products. It's stored in a long vertical box. You get a good view of the mouse itself via a clear window on the top of the box and another window for the mouse pad on the bottom. Included in the box is the Dragon War Thor gaming mouse, a pretty wide mouse pad, a small manual, and a mini software disc. The software lets you control the light feature, program the macro buttons and change profiles if you have multiple settings.


Here is the product description from the Dragon War site:


Product Code: ELE-G9


Ergonomic design for professional gamer Gaming mouse with 7 control buttons Assign your choice of key gaming action to programmable buttons to create your own customs profiles 512k in-store memory which macro function can use in difference computers Mouse cable length 1.8 meters LED Light Suitable for almost every surface Gold-plated USB Connector for a Reliable Transmission Integrity

Resolution: 800/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200 dpi

Interface: USB

Package Contents:

Dragon War Thor Mouse Mouse Mat (340 x 250 x 3 mm) User Manual Software CD

Here's a quick video overview of the Dragon War Thor Blue Sensor Gaming Mouse (ELE-9)

And here's a video on how to change the colors settings