Thor: The Dark World for iOS and Android Actually Looks Decent


I like free games as much as the next guy but even though I've played a few really good mobiles games, I'm still not the kind of guy who would recommend mobile games to anyone.

The only mobile that I'm still playing to date is the Injustice: Gods Among Us iOS game. I mainly play it when I'm bored and supposed to be going to bed which I then end up not sleeping through out the whole night. That and I have yet to unlock the Lockdown Superman costume on the console version.

Thor2_Screen2 What seems to be the trend for movie games nowadays is that instead of getting a home console release, they're jumping to the mobile tablet/smartphone platform instead. This has happened with Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and Despicable Me 2. The same is happening with Marvel's second Thor movie, Thor: The Dark World, and it's Gameloft who is handling the development. Here is the official press release from Gameloft for Thor: The Dark World - The Official Game.

Having previously teamed up to develop several successful games including The Amazing Spider-Man and Iron Man 3 – The Official Game, Gameloft, a leading global publisher of digital and social games, and Marvel are joining forces once again to bring the official game inspired from the highly anticipated new movie Thor: The Dark World to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.

"In this free-to-play game, Thor must restore order to the Nine Worlds. Perform all of the God of Thunder’s iconic combat moves as you lead Asgardian forces, including the Warriors Three, in over 100 exciting and varied missions against Marauders and Dark Elves.  Gameloft’s stunning HD game engine brings to life the beauty of the Thor universe and worlds like Jotunheim and Asgard.  Thor: The Dark World will also include a compelling social multiplayer element where fans join forces to earn victory. An original story inspired by the film and cowritten by famed Marvel writer Christopher Yost provides a gripping narrative for the game.

"We are delighted to continue our excellent collaboration with Marvel,” said Karine Kaiser, VP Marketing & Licensing at Gameloft. "Developing official games from Marvel’s cinematic blockbusters and bringing the fans an immersive experience in a Super Hero world inspires us every time.”

"Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game will allow fans of the franchise to play as one of Marvel’s most iconic Super Heroes in a game of epic scope and beauty.” said Javon Frazier, VP Games Marketing at Marvel. "With this new game, we are further expanding the successful relationship between Marvel and Gameloft."

Thor: The Dark World –The Official Game will be released in conjunction with the theatrical film from Marvel in November.

Thor2_Screen3 While I did not like the Iron Man 3 iOS game and am too cheap and skeptical to buy the Amazing Spider-Man mobile game, the gameplay of Thor 2 looks to be a isometric beat-em-up where you flail your hammer around and break things. By that I mean it looks like an actual video game. The problem I have with most iOS games is that they're usually just gimmicky touchscreen games with like a big round button that lets you do everything or you simply just tap and/or swipe to do stuff. They do work in some games but usually that doesn't sit well with me. Thor 2 looks to be a old school style brawler with some special screen clearing moves. Be it good or bad, the game is free-to-play when it comes out so no harm in trying. Check out and trailer and tell us what you think.