Weekend, what are you playing?

Weekend post 76

It's the weekend again. Got any games that you want to play or beat this weekend?

Migoy: Since the PS3 version of Bioshock Infinite comes a copy of the original Bioshock, that is a game that I plan to beat. The city of Rapture and its story has always intrigued me and what better way to find out about the story than to experience it myself. The game makes me feel really claustrophobic though. Another game on my weekend list is apparently the image that I put up. It's been super hot lately since with summer being a thing in the Philippines at this time of year. I thought to myself "maybe if I play a game with a lot of water, it might trick my mind into thinking that it's cooler". Bioshock does have a lot of water but the feeling of being stuck in an underwater cit while crazy people with guns inhabit it is not exactly the most soothing of scenarios. Initially I was planning to pop in Super Mario Sunshine but I felt like playing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker instead. God, this game is still awesome. As for the handheld department, still grinding in the Injustice: Gods Among Us iOS app. Working my way to get a Batman card so that I can unlock the Batman Beyond costume on the console version which Arlie has already unlocked via a gold booster pack..

Carlos: Pretty busy week for me but I was able to do some gaming during my time off work. Around Monday last week, Darksiders 2 went 75% off for a day and I just couldn't resist because it was only P450 for me. So I instantly bought it and started downloading. But since this was going to be the PC version, I wasn't planning on playing it via keyboard and mouse, so I went out and got a wired Xbox 360 controller to use in my PC. Darksiders 2 was done downloading, controller worked, and I love the game. The sequel has a lot of changes and improvements that make it a different game in a sense. When I ended my last session I Was 5 hours in, planning to play some more on the weekend.