Lobo joins Injustice: Gods Among Us crew this May 7

injustice_gods_among_us_lobo NetherRealm's latest fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us gets its first character DLC, and it's going to be Lobo, the  alien bounty hunter/mercenary from space. A new video was released showing Lobo matched up against The Batman himself.

Lobo will be available on May 7, but no word yet on how much it will cost.

I've had the opportunity to play Injustice and learn a few characters, and  I like how it feels. The combo system feels easy to grasp for any level of player, and it's just fun all around even with just the AI. Just the right amount of characters to choose from, and the dynamic iand transitional stages are the true highlight of the game, that and Doomsday's super(you have to see it).

Injustice: Gods Among Us is out now, even the Wii U version should be available.