Willem Dafoe confirmed for Beyond: Two Souls, release date also announced

William Dafoe_Beyond One of my favorite actors, Academy Award-nominated actor Willem Dafoe, joins Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls. Together with revealing the actor's involvement, Quantic Dream also announces a release date for  David Cage's next story-driven title. We all get to experience Jodie's story on October 8th exclusively on the PS3.

Dafoe star as Nathan Dawkins, a government scientist that works with Jodie(Ellen Page) to understand her supernatural powers.

A behind the scene YouTube video(below) was also released with an interview with Willem Dafoe, talking about his experience with the project. The footage also shows that Nathan and Jodie develop a strong relationship.

I'm quite eager to play this game. Not because of what was shown so far since it's reveal, but because of my experience with Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain made me believe that there's still room to grow in the story aspect of game development.I thought I'd never play another David Cage game on the PS3, but I guess I was wrong.