Legend of Grimrock 2 announced by Almost Human

logo_LoG2_tease Indie developer Almost Human announced that their next project will be Legend of Grimrock 2. They were hard at work on adding DLC content for the first game, but decided to create a sequel with all the new content created so far. This is great news since Legend of Grimrock is one of the best indie titles to come out last year. 

The news was announced via a blog post in the game's official site.

we are now officially working on… Legend of Grimrock 2! Creating a mere DLC or expansion to Grimrock simply would not have felt right. As today’s meeting proved, we still have a lot of ideas we’d like to explore, lots and lots of new content already done (originally made for a DLC/expansion) and a big engine update in the works. Simply put, a DLC would have limited too much what we can do. With a full blown sequel we can raise Grimrock to the next level.

If you haven't played the first Legend of Grimrock, and love old school dungeon crawlers , you're missing out. The PC-only game was out last year in April. It got an updated last year that added a user friendly dungeon editor, allowing players to created  their own campaigns and share them to other players via Steam Workshop.