Gioteck AC-1 Ammoclip Charging Station for PS3 Review

Gioteck AC-1 Ammoclip Review Forgive the crudeness of this video as this is my first attempt at a video review.

Gioteck AC-1 Ammoclip 01

I forgot to mention that the lights on the charging bay are red when the the controllers are charging and change to green when fully charged. Also that I got this at Datablitz which sells them at 495php.

Gioteck AC-1 Ammoclip 02

While it's not functionally perfect, it does work and is visually appealing.

Score: 6/10


  • Very nice modern day FPS design
  • Looks and feels like a steelbook case
  • Decent price point



  • Doesn't charge both controllers at the same time
  • No storage for it's proprietary cable