Dead Island patch fixes broken PC version of the game, but say goodbye to your save

When Dead Island came out, most PC gamers got first dibs since they bought digital copies from Steam and started downloading the game. Surprisingly enough, that copy of the game in Steam is apparently an old build of the game(actually, its a Xbox 360 dev build) which still had dev keys in them. It was buggy as ever and have cheat codes and a fly mode hotkey'd to the letter 'Y' on your keyboard. Who made the mistake of releasing this copy? no one knows but I'm sure he's kicking himself right now.

Thankfully a patch has come to fix all these issues, but you lose all your save files in the process. Devs couldn't find a way to save your progress and patch up this pre-released version of the game so they decided to provide a chapter select so you can at least salvage any progress you've made. Patch is up but another issue showed up. Activating the Ripper weapon(pre-order item) is now not working. Techland is aware of this issue and is looking for a fix. Talk about the worst game release in steam. They feel bad for the players that experienced this pre-release build and will announce a "make up" in the coming days.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game is out now in the Philippines with the PC retail version still MIA. I so want to get this game but on PC. Been thinking about getting the game when it gets released in steam for us on the 9th but with these kinds of issues? I'll patiently wait for the smoke to clear.

[Source: gamesRadar]