TMG Podcast Episode 136 - What Happened to Wonder Woman's Face?

A couple of events are behind us this week - San Diego Comic Con 2016, and Rampage 2016 just concluded over the weekend and we talked a bit about it this week. Miggy checked out a store called Long Live play selling some pretty cool video game products at the UP Town Center, Carlos is powering through Neverwinter, and Sonic's next attempt at being relevant has been revealed. 

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TMG Podcast Episode 110 – Let's All Punch a Bear


This week on the TMG Podcast - Carlos gets impressed with Crystal Dynamics next take on Lara Croft. Will goes at it with a bear in Yakuza 5, and Miggy enters current console generation territory with the PS4. Also, Lightning is a model, and we think Agent 47 would be a better choice for Louis Vuitton...or maybe not.

Episode Breakdown

- Yakuza 5 - PS4 - inFamous: Second Son - Bloodborne - Rise of the Tomb Raider - Top games sold in 2015 - Lightning the model for Louis Vuitton - New Hitman going episodic - Mortal Kombat X netcode overhaul Hit the comments or on our Facebook to share your story or thoughts on the topic for the next episode:

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