MU Origin 2 Review - Latest Update adds Magic Gladiator, Star Destiny Tower, and other features

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MU Origin 2, an MMORPG for iOS and Android devices and is Authorized by Webzen and developed by TianMa, MU Origin 2 is published by Ourpalm, is alive and strong as ever, now with millions of players since its launch in Southeast Asia, which was 9 months ago todaySince then, Webzen has been hard at work at keeping the game fresh with new content to keep their players engaged and their latest content update does just that. I look into the update and noticed new features and additions that fans of the series would appreciate.

My time with MU Origin 2’s latest content update was surprisingly addicting, to say the least. Everything is streamlined and easy to get yourself ready to improve your character. It can be intimidating because there will be an abundance of mechanics to learn that a few days I forgot that they existed. Like, I completely forgot that I had to level up my wings, and yeah, characters with wings are mandatory here in MU Origin 2.

But once you get the hang of the key elements to progress, it’s smooth sailing from there. Combat is nothing to worry about as the best way to play the game is by using the auto-battle feature, and doing quests are easy thanks to the auto pathing. In the end, how you manage your resources and how you improve your character is the real challenge. The moment you know your character is killing enemies faster than usual, you know you're in the right direction.

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New class - Magic Gladiator

The Magic Gladiator, a class that can either be tuned to be more strength-focused or magic focused, wields a massive two-handed greatsword that feels powerful on the get-go. Both the strength and magic iteration of the Magic Gladiator has its own set of skills respectfully and can only be unlocked if your MU Origin 2 account has a character that has gone past level 120 in the server you’re planning to play as a Magic Gladiator. It’s not an account unlock if you’ve reached level 120 but more of an unlock for your account on that server. 

The Magic Gladiator is a great addition to the game and is the 5th class available in MU Origin 2. Developers TianMa really went all out in making the Magic Gladiator visually powerful with how fancy their moves are but time will tell if how well this class will perform once players have used the class in more difficult endgame content.

Now for new players - don’t feel intimidated by the number as reaching 120 only took me an afternoon since all the quests and combat can be automated. You’ll have access to the Magic Gladiator in no time and you don’t have to worry about leveling from level 1 as all Magic Gladiators start at level 120. Your main story quest starts in Chapter 4 with most of the important features of the game unlocked for you. It’s a good starting point for those that have been grinding with past characters for months now and would like to play with a new one.

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A variety of events, like the“Palm leaf” event

MU Origin 2 is just filled with events and rewards left and right. I’m constantly given an item or gold for doing certain events or dailies, even logging in results in some kind of reward. It’s the typical free-to-play mechanics of making players always feel rewarded for spending time with the game and MU Origin 2 adds to that by including time events as well.

One such timed event that occurred as I was playing the game was the introduction of the Palm Leaf item dropping from monsters in the game. It’s a special item only available in the Philippines and it can be exchanged for rewards during the time of the event (September 5 - 18, 2019). During the timed-event, your experience gain was also increased by 1 percent for each Magic Gladiator in your party.

There’s a lot of events like these that show up for the MU Origin 2 community, so rewards are everywhere when you play the MMORPG, to a point that I found myself finding inventory space for all the generosity.

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New servers for players in the Philippines 

If you’re looking at something familiar or comfortable, players in the Philippines can opt to make characters in servers S224- Batanes and S220- Palawan, a perfect place for local players. You get bonus loot as well like a “Proud Pinoy” title, costumes and other items that will help you in-game.

It seems like the developers realized how big it is here in the Philippines that they released exclusive content and servers that would cater to Filipino players, which is great because there are people that would prefer to play in a local environment.

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Star Destiny Tower (Couple Team)

A new grind option for players above level 200 was added into the game and it’s called Star Destiny Tower. Composed of 60 levels, players can go as they wish as long as they fulfill one requirement — you need to get married to another player.

Players that have utilized the Marriage system can make use of Star Destiny Tower, which many say is a good source of experience. You need to upgrade marriage items like your wedding rings to reach the higher levels of the Star Destiny Tower

Heavenly Treasure and its rewards

The game is just filled with features of the game that I find myself checking each one to see if I miss out on what I can get while i’m logged in.

One of those features is the Heavenly Treasure is a feature that will need you to buy Divine Keys, with each key costs around 200 diamonds, an in-game currency that can only be obtained by purchasing it with real money. These keys give you a random draw from the list of rewards in the Heavenly Treasure, which hosts a variety of rewards like a rare mount to a good amount of gold.

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New maps mean new big baddies — Darknight Wave Witch and Phantom Prince bosses

Visit the Goddess Cape and the Tahm Temple — the two new maps added into the game — and you just might find the two new world bosses: the Darknight Wave Witch and Phantom Prince. I wasn’t able to get the luxury of taking down these bosses but just like in any boss - there will be viable loot that we need to progress.

This latest update is packed with content that will keep you busy until the next update rolls out. Two new Philippine servers were released recently — Palawan and Batangas — and is a great option for new Filipino players looking for a more familiar community.

MU Origin 2 is free to play and can be downloaded here: