A Total of $40,000 Are Up For Grabs In Tamago's 100 Legends Contest

100legends PH.png

Tamago, a game streaming app in Southeast Asia, is offering Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players a total prize pool of US$40,000 (PHP 2.1 Million) in their Tamago 100 Legends contest. All you have to do is rank up while streaming your matches in Tamago.

Register on the contest’s official website page and you’re ready to start playing. Work on your ranking and make sure you’ve streamed at least 2 hours per day (or 60 hours throughout the contest duration) to qualify. Participants will earn a share of the prize pool based on their ranking among other participants with “Tamago” in their in-game name at the end of the contest period. The 100 Legends contest ends on October 31, 2018.

Cash Prize for Mobile Legends (PH server)

  • 1st Place - $8,000

  • 2nd Place - $4,000

  • 3rd Place - $2,000

  • 4th to 50th Place - $350

  • 51st to 100th Place - $200

Take note: this contest is only available to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players in the Philippines.